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5 Axis CNC Milling Parts

CNC Milling Service
Milling machining mainly refers to the machine tool that uses the milling cutter to process various surfaces of the workpiece. Usually, the main motion of the milling tool is rotation, and the movement of the workpiece and the milling tool is the feed motion. It can process flat surfaces, grooves also can process various curved surfaces, gears, etc. In addition to milling flat surfaces, grooves, gear teeth, threads, and spline shafts, 5-axis milling centers can also machine more complex profile parts with higher efficiency than planers, and are widely used in machine building and repair departments.


CNC Machining Parts  5 Axis CNC Milling Parts
Material: Stainless Steel
Sample Time: 3-10 days
Supply Ability: 100000 pcs / month
Sea Port: Shenzhen
Payment: T/T, L/C, or others

As an experienced and professional machine shop with many years of CNC manufacturing experience, Benoy can provide precision 5-axis CNC machining services and 5-axis milling services. Whether you need high-quality precision metal or plastic parts, we can provide automotive, medical, military, aerospace, mechanical, machine tool, high tech, and more, with excellent machining and programming skills, and 5 axis CNC machining centers for our global customers.
The CNC machining centers we provide include but are not limited to:
1.Laser Cutting Machine
2.3-Axis CNC Machining Center
3.4-Axis CNC Machining Center
4.5-Axis CNC Machining Center

5 axis cnc milling parts 8Service Items

Custom CNC Machining Parts Service
Quotation According to your drawing (size, material, and required technology, etc.)
Materials Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Iron, Alloy, Titanium, etc.
Surface Treatment Anodizing, Brushing, Galvanized, laser engraving, Silk printing, polishing, Powder coating, etc.
Tolerance +/- 0.005mm-0.02mm, 100% QC quality inspection before delivery, can provide quality inspection form
Processing CNC Turning, Milling, Drilling, Hobbing, Polishing, Bushing, Surface Treatment, etc.
Drawing Formats Solid Works, Pro/Engineer, UG, AutoCAD(DXF, DWG), PDF, TIF, etc.

5 axis cnc milling parts 6CNC Machining Service at Benoy

Send us a drawing and we can quote quickly within 12 hours. If you need a sample, we can make a free sample for you and mail it to you (of course you have to pay for the postage). If you are satisfied with the sample and would like to work with us, we will be the best for you! We use advanced equipment to provide you with a variety of CNC machining services, including milling, turning, EDM, wire EDM, surface preparation, and more.
The CNC machining services we provide include but are not limited to:
4.Surface Treatment

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