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How To Improve The Quality Of CNC Machined Parts


1.Before CNC machining, please use a calibrator to check if the tool is swinging within the allowed tolerance. Before machining, you should use an air gun to blow the tool head and locking the nozzle clean or wipe with a cloth to install the tool. Accuracy and quality have some influence.
2.CNC machining file program list should be normalized, including the model, name, program name, processing content, tool size, feed, especially the safety length of the tool holder, the margin reserved for each program, and the indicator. Knife. To be pointed out.

news 13.CNC machining program list should be consistent with the direction of the reference angle indicated by the mold, and then check the upper 3D map, especially the workpiece that has been drilled to carry water, must check the 3D map and the level of the workpiece is consistent.
4.Before processing, you must understand the content of the CNC machining program, the program must have 2D or 3D mapping, and must be marked “X length, Y width, Z height” six-sided data, which should be flat marked as “Z” value, convenient for the operator after processing It is easy for the operator to check if the data is correct after machining. Tolerance data should be indicated when there is tolerance.
5.The reasonable use of CNC machining tools should be strictly distinguished from steel, copper male light knife processing, light knife remaining amount should be reasonable, to make the workpiece finish and tool life possible.
6.When clamping, please note the name and model of the CNC machining workpiece and the program list is the same, the material size is matched, the clamping height is high enough, and the number of calipers used.
7.CNC machining speed should be strictly controlled by the operator. F speed and S spindle speed should be reasonably adjusted. When the F speed is fast, the S spindle should be accelerated. The feed speed must be adjusted in different areas. After processing, check the quality without any problem, then you can get off and process.